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Criminal Defense Law

If you have been arrested or charged with a crime you may feel overwhelmed and anxious about an uncertain future. Facing a criminal charge means a possible conviction, probation or imprisonment, and potentially expensive fines.

Compromising on legal services is not an option. You need guidance from a criminal defense attorney with experience.  You need someone you can trust by your side, protecting your legal rights.

A criminal charge is only an accusation.

Cyndi Nahas will aggressively defend any criminal accusation.

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Cyndi M. Nahas

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Civil Litigation and Transactional Law

Dealing with a potential lawsuit is unsettling and unpleasant. Whether you are determined to make right a wrong, or are unsure about taking legal action, you need advice on which you can confidently rely. 

Need help incorporating a business or need assistance with drafting a simple will? We understand the importance of proper preparation and  protection.

We handle our civil litigation and transactional matters with integrity and strive to make our clients experience with difficult matters as painless as possible.